Conscia, the Toronto-Based Experience Orchestration Platform, has Announced a New Advisory Board Member, Colleen Scollans

Colleen has Joined the Team to Help Provide Strategic Guidance as It Seeks to Continue Its Rapid Growth into Additional Industry Verticals

Colleen currently leads Clarke & Esposito's Marketing & Digital Transformation Practice, prior to which she was the Chief Marketing Officer for Oxford University Press's (OUP) Academic Division. As global CMO, Colleen led over 250 marketing, digital strategy and data/analytics professionals around the world. As the Lead Digital Strategist, Colleen spearheaded OUP's digital and marketing transformation, developed a data/analytics culture, and drove a focus on the customer. Prior to being appointed CMO, Colleen led North American Sales & Marketing. Colleen has previously held marketing and leadership roles at Wiley, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and First Union Bancorp.

"I am thrilled to be joining Conscia's Board of Advisors. Despite the vastness of the Marketing Technology landscape, it is rare to find a company with such a compelling and unique value proposition. Conscia is creating a new category – the experience orchestration platform (XO).  While the technology has strong native headless capabilities (both a CDP and a CMS) and a robust personalization engine, Conscia's secret sauce is its integration power and flexible architecture. Since Conscia acts as the connective tissue between an organization's marketing technology tools and channels, it is a great solution for organizations building best-in-breed stacks and / or wanting a more iterative approach to digital transformation (i.e. slowly addressing legacy systems)."

Sana Remekie, Conscia's Chief Executive Officer noted, 'we are very excited to have Colleen Scollans join the Conscia team as she is a brilliant female leader who will provide guidance to us on the industry specific challenges that the Conscia platform can solve within several verticals including publishing, entertainment, information services, membership organizations and education."

Conscia was founded on the premise that organizations are grappling with an ever-increasing number of marketing technologies and applications in their technology stacks and there is a need for companies to adopt a best-of-breed approach rather than single-vendor monolithic solutions.  Conscia acts as a connective tissue for organizations' marketing ecosystems, which serves to coordinate and orchestrate experiences across multiple data sources, applications and touchpoints.  The ultimate goal is to provide organizations with a freedom from being locked-into inflexible and costly monolithic technology solutions that require expensive and time-consuming implementation and migration initiatives.

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